Life is crazy – let’s talk about it. That’s Some Crazy Shit is the brainchild of Kelly Morgan and James Baez, childhood friends since kindergarten.

Spanning topics from Bigfoot to Cattle Mutations, from Medicine to Meditation, we want a platform to not only talk about how crazy these topics are, we also you the listener to share your experiences. Over the past 30 years of crazy conversations, personal paranormal experiences and trying to understand our ever changing world, we decided to start a podcast. We discovered that having an opened mind has guided us on a journey of learning that life is really crazy and the only way we can describe it is by saying That’s Some Crazy Shit!

Alien encounter……crazy shit
Bigfoot….crazy shit
Medicine….crazy shit
Movies…..crazy shit
Relationships….crazy shit
Comic books….crazy shit
Sound/frequencies….crazy shit
Haunted houses…..crazy shit

And the list goes on and on!

Life is crazy…..shit happens. Join the conversation.