About Kelly & James

James Baez, co-host

James has been interested in the paranormal since his father gave him a copy of Chariots of the Gods, by Erich von Daniken. His father taught him to have an opened mind when it comes to the unknown. Having many of his own paranormal encounters and learning that others; close friends and family; had also had encounters, his interest in the paranormal deepened. Although James learns toward the paranormal, he also interested in exploring other topics from medicine to comic books.

You can email James at James@thatssomecrazyshitpodcast.com

Kelly Morgan, co-host

Kelly has had a inquisitive nature and has been told she has too many questions, but this has never stopped her from asking. After leaving her job in 2016, Kelly’s personal journey taught her to open her mind and begin to appreciate all the things the world has to offer. Having a few of her own experiences with psychic mediums and UFO sightings, Kelly’s interest in learning more was piqued. She believes the minute you stop asking questions, you stop learning.

You can email Kelly at Kelly@thatsomecrazyshitpodcast.com